West Corp DPD; (Non-Profit Organization)

We Supports every effort made by the SAR, and individual emergency management enthusiasts, because we all need a helping hand or assistance when it comes to search & Rescue, No matter if your Police, Fire Fighter, EMT, or a Chaplain Responder like us, Just like a Puzzle we all hold a vital piece to complete the whole picture, as a Victory Alliance one step at a time, hand by hand we can all get the job done, whether its completing our goal together or crying on eachothers shoulder at a drastic outcome, but at least we would know and feel that we made our best efforts together as a task force, in physical, spiritual and emotion support as a team, and what better than SAR one of the leading organizations out there, to assist us in these time crises, when it really matters.


Sincerely & Respectfully

Chief Chaplain; Juan Suarez


Juan Suarez